Buyer Beware



The Old English Sheepdog Club of Victoria Inc. – advises that you only buy an Old English Sheepdog puppy from a Breeder registered with Dogs Victoria or your State Controlling Body.

Dogs Victoria Registered Breeders have to abide by a Code of Ethics for Health Testing breeding stock and proper care and socialization of puppies.

Recently a case of CA (Cerebella Ataxia) has emerged locally, we believe from a father /daughter mating by an unscrupulous backyard breeder.

We would like to offer any assistance to the owners of the dog affected.

There is a test that can be done before mating to clear the parents of being carriers for this and some other Heredity Diseases. Our members are encouraged to test breeding stock.

As a Club we support the UK and American OES Clubs in raising money for Health and Research in Old English Sheepdogs, by donating quilts for raffles and cash donations.

22 September 2020