18Th National Old English Sheepdog Championship Show – Critique






1st Hartwyn Pageants Royal Encore (AI)

Very sound puppy, very nice moving.  Nice neck and very nice front, good topline, carries tail well.  Nice skull, very promising puppy.



1st Dezignerz Lord Bertie Lissie

Excellent head, nice dark eyes, good bone, well balanced square dog.  Good bite, well muscled, short in loin, good topline.  A little close behind but moves well.



1st Perfu Phenix Rising

Well balanced puppy, very nice head, good topline.  Good eye colour, could have more bone, needs to grow into his legs more but overall a very promising and nice moving dog.



1st  Ch. Perfu Winter Soldier

Well balanced, good skull, excellent topline, good bone, beautiful condition.  Needs to grown into himself a little bit.  Nice stop, good bite, nice broad rump.

2nd Ch. Perfu Inca Traveller

Loved the type of this dog, very nice head for its size, good bone and front and rear but needs to learn how to use himself better.  Very good topline, coat coming on nicely.

3rd  Dukleigh Strathbogie Kid

Good mover, going to be striking dog in the future.  Well balanced, could have more bone for its size, well angled in the rear.  Good coat texture, reasonably square.



1st Ch. Perfu Jack The Lad

Excellent mover, very good rear excellent top line. Good quality coat in beautiful condition. A good strong muzzle and skull as well as good bone. Presented very well.

2nd  Ch. Perfu Here Comes The Fuzz

A very nice dog with a good coat. Good top line  and good bite with a nice skull. Well balanced and once settled was a good mover. With time and practice with handling skills the young lady showing this dog will get the best out of him.

3rd Sup. Ch. Hartwyn Royal Zenith CDX

Good back skull and good bone for his size. Could have a stronger top line and a little narrow in body for a mature OES.  Very good condition.



1st Am. Ch.& Sup. Ch. Bugaboos All Blown Up (Imp USA)

Very impressive dog in beautiful condition. Very well balanced and moved very well. Good bite and a nice back skull. Well boned and good top line. Exhibited  to perfection.

2nd Am. Ch. & Ch. Tana’s Chunky Monkey at Dezignerz (Imp USA)

Great body on this dog. Nice strong muzzle with a strong head. Good dark eyes, good front end with nice shoulders. Going to have a good coat with proper undercoat. Nice low hocks… Movement OK on the day but could have been better.  Presentation when moving could have been better..



1st Briargait Le Espoir

One of the best fronts of the day.  Well muscled, excellent head, good bite, good topline, well balanced.

Challenge Dog : Am. Ch. & Sup. Ch. Bugaboos All Blown Up (Imp USA)

Reserve Challenge Dog : Ch. Perfu Winter Soldier



1st  Waloes Mustang Sally

Cute puppy, very feminine bitch.  Nice dark eye, well balanced, good front and topline, good bite. Very promising.



1st Dezignerz Monkey Business

Very nice bitch, good topline, feminine head, good bite.  Good front and nice mover.

2nd Dezignerz Rave Reviews

This bitch was pushing the first bitch, I understand they are litter mates.  Good topline, bite and head.  Very nice front and rear, good mover.  Good future for both puppies.



1st Perfu Truly Scrumptious

Very promising puppy bitch. Very feminine head moves very nicely.



1st Woolebull Scarlett Spirit

A very sound bitch very well balanced. Very good coming and going and travels around the ring with ease…and at times a little to fast. Good eye color and  nice head as well as a very good top line. Coat needs more maturing..but should be a good coat.. Once this bitch learns the ropes she should be a winner to look out for.

1st Woolebull Skys the Limit RN

Nice head on this bitch handled herself very well in motion. Nice body, very good top line and bone. Well presented.

3rd Ch. Bluefall No Ordinary Girl (AI)

Very nice picture on this bitch, good shape. Very well balanced and very pretty. Good coat quality and will even be better. Good bone and good top line. Very promising future for this young lady.



1st  Ch. Perfu Bridal Waltz

Lovely condition on this bitch. Beautiful breed type and good coat quality. Very nice head with proper ear set. Good bone and good top line. Very well balanced.

2nd  Ch. Perfu Sun Dancer

Nice dark eyes, very good front and good top line. Littler longer in loin and nice rear angles. Coat needs maturing but in beautiful condition.

3rd  Olensha Slice of Heaven (AI)

Well balanced, good coat but needs some work…. A very nice topline, good eye color and well defined head and good bite.ed this



1st  Ch. Perfu Dancn With Starsnstripes

A little larger bitch but loved her. Very feminine, beautiful balance with good coat texture for her age which will only get better. Very nice mover and a very good front. Handles herself well in motion and was shown to perfection.  I would say this one will have an excellent future in the show ring. She ended the day being my reserve BIS winner.

2nd  Am. Ch. & Ch. Tall Cotton Miss America Dressed By Dezignerz (ImpUSA)

Beautiful type, quite a nice coat, nice dark eyes and a good bite. Good head for size and a very nice top line. Well balanced. Nice thick set bitch in Excellent condition. Good front and rear with nice low hocks. Handled and presented well, but on the day would have liked her movement less controlled.

3rd  Ch. Olensha Pennies From Heaven (AI)

Very pretty bitch with good eye color and nice head for size. Good bite and a very nice outline. Ear set good, nice bone and eye color as well as a good top line.  Love the breed type and coat in beautiful condition. Carrying a little too much weight therefore restricting proper movement. Very well handled coat could be stronger



1st Sup. Ch. ToJo’s If I Could Beam Back Time (Imp. USA)

Beautiful mover and beautiful breed type. A very nice bitch, nice dark eyes, good bite, good reach of neck and a lovely top line. Best balance of the day and best mover of the day with a very good front and rear. Good shoulders and good rear angles. Loved this bitch, close to perfect in every way. So excited when she moved around the ring with such a natural ease. This veteran bitch ended the day being my BEST IN SHOW winner and was well deserved. Loved her! Handled to perfection.

2nd Sup. Ch. Perfu Dancing Queen

Amazing condition on this pretty bitch 11 years of age. Nice head, good bone and top line. Very  pleasing bitch and very impressive. Handled to perfection.

3rd Ch. Dukleigh Ring O Roses HSAs

A very nice headed bitch with good bite and pleasing head.  Very nice front and good bone as well as a good top line.


CHALLENGE BITCH: Sup. Ch. ToJo’s If I Could Beam Back Time (Imp. USA)

RESERVE CHALLENGE BITCH: Ch. Perfu Dancn With Starsnstripes