Puppy / Rescue Enquiries

Welfare and Rescue Information

The OESCV operates a rescue service for Old English Sheepdogs that have been abandoned, mistreated or are just not wanted anymore due to a number of circumstances. The club’s aim is to re-house the dog into the best possible environment.

The service is run by the club secretary, Denise Findlay who can be contacted on deniseolensha@bigpond.com or (03) 9561 3027.


Breed Enquiries and Puppy Information

Denise Findlay is also available to answer any enquiries you may have about the breed, grooming and puppy care as well as infomation on any club event and obedience dates.

Please feel free to contact her via email on deniseolensha@bigpond.com or phone on (03) 9561 3027 during business hours.


OES Puppies