Obedience Training


The Old English Sheepdog takes well to obedience training and we have seen many trialled successfully in the ring. This is just as well as a dog of their size can cause some problems unless properly controlled. The OESCV has been running our obedience training classes every fortnight on a Sunday morning (10am) rain, hail or shine at Surrey Park, Box Hill since 1970.

You will need therefore at least basic obedience training whether or not it is intended to compete in obedience trials, and you are more than welcome at the club obedience classes as your puppy has had it’s final injection.

This training as well as making a large, strong, and sometimes stubborn dog, into a well-heeled animal, it also creates a special mutual bond between owner and pet. Obedience training teaches our OES good manners, and discipline, this also permits the owner to predict his/her behaviour and exercise control over him/her in normal situations.

Whilst there are several VCA clubs and individuals available that offer this training, the Old English Sheepdog Club of Victoria (Inc) also offers a basic obedience instructional program. Not only will you receive basic training, but you will also have the opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts and be able to discuss common problems.


OESCV Obedience Dates for 2018

All dates fall on a fortnightly Sunday, starting at 10am. Tea, Coffee and biscuits provided for morning tea at conclusion of the class. Gold coin donation appreciated!


February  4th  18th
March  4th  18th
April  1st  15th  29th
May  13th  27th
June  10th  24th
July  8th  22nd
August  5th  19th
September  2nd  16th  30th
October  14th  28th
November  11th  26th
December   9th



Obedience Classes are held every second Sunday at Surrey Park by the club, Cnr of Canterbury Rd and Surrey Park Drive, Box Hill North, commencing at 10am.
Usually situated next to Standard St opposite house #32 as our regular meeting place in the park.

Obedience Class Enquiries

For further information in regards to obedience classes, please contact either Margaret Duke  on (03) 97955394. or Denise Findlay on (03) 9561 3027 or make an inquiry via email on askralph@outlook.com.